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About Us

Gary N. Clark, CFA has had a lifelong interest in economics, financial markets, and portfolio management. 


Gary N. Clark, CFA was born and raised in Southern California.  He attended Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California (then Claremont Men’s College), earning a degree in Economics.  He went on receive his Master's and PhD. degrees in Economics from the University of Oklahoma, at Norman.  He spent two years in the military.


His father, Norman B. Clark, Jr., was a petroleum engineer with Unocal during his career. Gary lived in South Pasadena, Coalinga, Bakersfield, and Whittier. As he was growing up, he picked up an exposure to the oil business along the way.  This helped him fit in (to the extent possible) when he went on to graduate school in Oklahoma.  He gained some real estate and petroleum experience in Oklahoma.  For example, Dr. Clark edited Forced Pooling: A Guide for Oklahoma Mineral Owners, by Ralph Wampler.


Dr. Clark began managing investment portfolios in Oklahoma in the early 1980s, and later relocated back to California.  In addition to helping clients with their investment needs, he has taught Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Financial Management at California State University Long Beach.  He has advised many clients, served on various non-profit boards, flown many miles, and read many books.  He enjoys the outdoors and appreciates the unique qualities of the California landscape.  Dr. Clark has a wife and daughter and lives in La Crescenta, California, and enjoys visiting clients in Oklahoma.